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Why should I hire Red apron to conduct my estate sale? 

Because not only are our sales profitable but they are also fun! We have a smiling, helpful sales staff that is knowledgeable about today's trends as well as current values.

How much does a red apron estate sale cost?

We collect 40% commission fee on gross sales that generate $3,000 or more. if total sales are less than $3,000, a commission of 50% will be collected which includes advertising and promotion costs.

do i need an estate sale contract?

Yes. After we assess the home and you agree that an estate sale is the best choice, a contract is signed.

How long does it take to set up for a sale?

For effective advertising, we prefer two-week lead time. However, the actual set up lasts 1-7 days. Estate sales take time, are a lot of work, and sometimes messy!

How long does the actual sale last?

Sales take place on Saturday 9am-1pm and Sunday 10am-2pm. For large sales, we add a third day, Friday. 80% of saleable items are sold before 2pm on Saturday.

How can you ensure a large crowd for the sale?

First, the client should offer heirlooms and house wares that motivate buyers. Second, we use a number of proven advertising methods and various websites to advertise your sale with details descriptions and pictures. On the first day of the sale, signs are posted directing traffic to your home.

do you allow friends and dealers in early?

We allow all buyers an equal chance for the most desirable items. We open your doors at 9am to everyone. If we advertise an item for the sale it must be there when doors open, meaning we have a strict policy against removing items after the contract is signed.

Do you set low prices?

We try not to set too low prices or unrealistic "high" prices either because we want everything sold. We work very hard to price even the smallest items in your house without making it seem like a garage sale. This ensures fewer disposals after the sale, and more importantly, larger gross sales. Buyers tend to pay more for items when they see them in their original setting. 

How will i get paid?

The client will receive a check or proceeds can be deposited into your bank if you live out of town.

Is there a minimum amount of personal property required for an estate sale?

A successful estate sale requires a certain amount of personal property to ensure a successful sale. A "house full" of original furnishings in each room is enough for an estate sale. 

what happens to personal property that does not sell?

Any remaining personal property is disposed of according to your wishes. It can be donated to a charity of your choice. We do not have an agreement with retailer or auctioneer to "buy" unsold items. We want it sold at the right price from your location. There is the option to sell some of the items to us, for our resale use on this website, craigslist, etc. We have a fantastic team of people we recommend you hire for clean out of any items not sold, they are referenced on our resources page and we are happy to make arrangements with them for you.

there are some things i do not want to dispose of; can these items remain during the sale?

Yes, however, we prefer that any item that you do not want to sell be removed or placed in a secured area out of sight to our team and buyers, as we will not be held responsible for them.

what if i change my mind and decide to not follow through with the estate sale?

If the sale must be cancelled, we will charge the client $250 for advertising expenses and sales preparation.

do you have security?

We have someone keeping a watchful eye at all times. We will not hesitate to call the police for theft or disruptive behavior. 

does the client, estate executor, or personal representative need to be present?

We do not recommend that the client be present. Buyer feel more comfortable negotiating prices when the client is not on-site and/or participating in the sales process.

we are moving and wish to dispose of some of our belongings, is this considered an estate sale?

The items you wish to dispose of belong to you or your family and are considered part of an estate. Estate sales are conducted for various reasons such as relocation, downsizing, change of lifestyle, debt, death, divorce, etc. NOTE: If you remove all "choice" items from your home leaving only ordinary items; these items by themselves will not generate the interest and crowds necessary to ensure that you sell most your sale items.

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