estate sale policies

  • No early birds allowed and No Pre-Sales.

  • Pricing info will not be given prior to sale.

  • Buyer is responsible for the removal of items once purchased. Pick up times can be arranged for a later time within the sale's weekend.

  • Pick up must be completed by 2pm on Sunday.

  • If you purchase furniture, please be prepared to move it yourself! We do not provide assistance on larger items.


  • Entry to home may be limited for security reasons.

  • Use the rest of website to read sales descriptions and view pictures.

  • Cash, Checks, and Cards accepted.

  • We will not accept worn, torn, faded, or defaced bills. The bank will not accept them either!

  • We prefer smaller bills be used for small purchases (for example refrain from using a $20 on a $1 item).

  • Do not block driveways or park on sidewalks. 

  • Be considerate to fellow shoppers. Police will be called for disputes.

  •  First come, first serve. Leaving the property means you have left your place in line.

  • If a price tag is removed or switched, prices will be reassigned at check out.

  • Hoarding not allowed! You must buy what you place on the hold table, or return it from where it was found.

  • NO STROLLERS. It is not a good idea to bring children to sales.

  • All items broken must be paid for.

  • Please try to leave your large purse or bag at home when attending sales.

  • Any items paid for and not picked up by last day of sale will be donated.

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