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How Estate Sales Work

  1. No Out of Pocket Costs. We work on a commission basis which ensures our commitment to selling the contents of your Estate at the best price possible.

  2. Most Popular Estate Sales are everyday homes

  3. Call us for a free consultation

  4. Don’t throw anything away! Many items that appear weathered and old or of little value, may hold significant worth. Remember as the saying goes, “One person’s junk is another person’s treasure”

  5. Contact us asap

  6. We sell household contents, art, cars, furniture, jewelry, unusual items, just about anything and everything!

  7. Timeline; Red Apron typically requires a two week lead time from consultation to the actual sale. Plenty of preparation and staging is required for a maximum return on the Estate Sale.


A quick response to your initial request: We’ll meet with you to discuss your needs and answer any questions and resolve concerns while carefully explaining our estate sales contract and procedures.

This consultation is free and without obligation. 


Before the sales event  


  • We’ll assist you with the overwhelming prospect of sorting through items that are no longer needed or wanted. 

  • Care will be taken in the application of professional tags protecting your items and clearly identifying the price

  • Diligent research, inspection & evaluation of each item in the estate will be conducted to ensure that your profits are maximized.

  • All items will be cleaned, organized and professionally displayed.

  • We will professionally customize and market your sale with a blend of social media, newspapers, online advertising, as well as posting pictures, and the date, location and duration of the sale on our website.

  • During a walk through prior to the sale, we’ll discuss specific items and answer all of your last minute questions.


During the sales event  

  • Visible signage strategically placed in high traffic areas will direct customers to your sale.

  • We’ll manage the number of guests permitted to enter and monitor sales traffic ensuring a safe and secure environment.

  • Our dedicated team will support customers with a positive attitude and answer any questions concerning items for sale.

  • We will assist customers with moving items that have been sold.

  • Our check out personnel will inventory sold items, process payments, (cash and credit) and provide guests with bags and wrapping material.


​After the sales event


  • We will offer advice and additional resources to address the remaining household items at the end of the sale. Examples include consignment, online sales, donation services, and junk removal.

  • House left “broom clean”

  • Clean out services

  • All paperwork will be presented detailing the transactions, commission and profit.




Prior to Sales
During Sales
After Sales
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